"I believe we all have a deeper calling, a hero's journey to

Awaken to our true Divine nature & return to Love."
Jaqueline Marie


Meet Jaqueline

Jaqueline Marie is a spiritual mentor and recording artist who uses music, meditation and movement to help women create meaningful relationships - with their Soul, their partner, and the world.  


Having used these very tools to transcend her own experiences of sexual abuse, addiction, failed relationships and broken heartedness, Jaqueline teaches from a deep place of embodied wisdom, sharing the message that every woman - regardless of race, religion, age or size - can reclaim her Sovereign, Feminine Power and call in the life and love of her dreams.

Jaqueline has studied the mystical arts with her teachers, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis for 12 years, and is a certified Associate Teacher with the Spiritual Arts Institute. 


She is a certified tantra teacher, yoga teacher, and sound healer, who tours and teaches feminine embodiment, love and the art of sacred relationships internationally.